7SJ8041-5EB90-1FB0 L0R SIEMENS7SJ80415EB901FB0L0R

OVERCURRENT PROTECTION RELAY HOUSING 1/6 19", 4 X I, 3 X U, 7 BI, 8 BO, (2 CHANGEOVER) 1 LIVE STATUS CONTACT measuring inputs: Iph = 1 A / 5 A, Ie = 1 A / 5 A rated auxiliary voltage: 60 V/ 110 V / 125 V/ 220 V DC, 115 V / 230 V AC flush-mounting housing, screw terminals region world, IEC/ANSI language English (language can be changed) front membrane standard system interface port B (device bottom side, rear) IEC 61850, 100 Mbit Ethernet, electr., double, RJ45 plug without system interf., Port A measurement: fault recording functionality: overcurrent protection overcurrent protection PH(50/51) I>, I>>, I>>>, IP ground-fault protection overcurrent protection ground (50N/51N) IE>, IE>>, IE>>>,IEP ground fault/ground short circuit prot. IEE>, IEE>>, IEEP overload protection (49) trip-circuit supervision (74TC) circuit breaker failure protection (50BF) unbalanced-load protection (46) undercurrent supervision (37) lock out (86) supplementary functions: determination of earth-fault direction voltage protection, frequency protection flexible protecti(*) without automatic reclosing without fault locator

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