SP set for Outdoor Hybrid system plug SICK2096980SPSETFOROUTDOORHYBRIDSYSTEMPLUG

Technical specifications: Accessory group: Plug connectors and cables; Accessory family: Other connectors and cables; Description: Spare part set for LMS5xx Pro “Harting” system plug. For use with LMS511-10900S04, as well as for converting LMS5..-.0... (LMS5xx PRO) to “Harting” Hybrid system plug. For connecting the sensor voltage supply, heating voltage supply, Ethernet. Suitable for Harting Han(R) 3 A RJ45 +4p type cable plug connector. Replacing the system plug invalidates the device warranty. If the LMS5 device is still within the warranty period, weigh up if you should replace the system plug yourself or send the appliance to SICK for repairs.; Classifications: ECl@ss 5.0: 27279290; ECl@ss 5.1.4: 27279290; ECl@ss 6.0: 27279221; ECl@ss 6.2: 27279221; ECl@ss 7.0: 27440104; ECl@ss 8.0: 27440104; ECl@ss 8.1: 27440104; ECl@ss 9.0: 27440102; ECl@ss 10.0: 27440102; ECl@ss 11.0: 27440102; ETIM 5.0: EC002635; ETIM 6.0: EC002635; ETIM 7.0: EC002635; UNSPSC 16.0901: 39121421