DOL-1204-L25MRN SICK6058485DOL1204L25MRN

Technical specifications: Accessory group: Plug connectors and cables; Accessory family: Connecting cables; Connection type head A: Female connector, M12, 4-pin, angled with LED; Connection type head B: Flying leads; Connection type: Flying leads; Connector material: PP; Connector color: Gray; Locking nut material: Stainless steel (V4A/1.4404); Tightening torque: 1 Nm; Width across flats: 14; Cable: 25 m, 4-wire, PP; Jacket material: PP 1); Jacket color: Gray; Cable diameter: 4.6 mm; Conductor cross-section: 0.34 mm²; Shielding: Unshielded; Bending radiusFlexible use> 10 x cable diameterStationary position> 5 x cable diameter: Bending radius; Bending cycles: ≥ 4,000,000; Indication LED: ✔; Reference voltage: ≤ 24 V; Rated impulse voltage: 2.5 kV; Current loading: 4 A; Torsion force: 180° / 1 m; Application: Hygienic and washdown zonesDrag chain operation; Note: This product is generally resistant to chemical cleaning agents (see ECOLAB) and other chemical compounds such as H2O2 and CH2O2. Before permanent installation is carried out, the material's resistance to the cleaning agent being used must be checked. 2)Resistant against lactic acid & hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)Only suitable for PNP sensors; Authorizations: Ecolab; Enclosure rating: IP67/ IP69K; Ambient operating temperatureFlexible use–25 °C ... +105 °CStationary position–40 °C ... +105 °C: Ambient operating temperature; Classifications: ECl@ss 5.0: 19030312; ECl@ss 5.1.4: 19030312; ECl@ss 6.0: 27060304; ECl@ss 6.2: 27060304; ECl@ss 7.0: 27060304; ECl@ss 8.0: 27060304; ECl@ss 8.1: 27060304; ECl@ss 9.0: 27060304; ECl@ss 10.0: 27060304; ECl@ss 11.0: 27060304; ETIM 5.0: EC000830; ETIM 6.0: EC000830; ETIM 7.0: EC003249; UNSPSC 16.0901: 26121604