C4P-SA16511C00 SICK1220648C4PSA16511C00

Features: Application: Normal industrial environment; System part: Sender; Resolution: 14 mm; Scanning range: 2.5 m; Protective field height: 1,650 mm; No blind zones: Yes; Synchronization: Optical synchronisation; Integrated laser alignment aid: ✔; Items supplied: Sender; Safety-related parameters: Type: Type 4 (IEC 61496-1); Safety integrity level: SIL3 (IEC 61508)SILCL3 (IEC 62061); Category: Category 4 (ISO 13849-1); Performance level: PL e (ISO 13849-1); PFHD (mean probability of a dangerous failure per hour)Single device15.3 x 10-9Cascade with one guest30.5 x 10-9Cascade with two guest devices45.6 x 10-9: PFHD (mean probability of a dangerous failure per hour); TM (mission time): 20 years (ISO 13849-1); Safe state in the event of a fault: At least one OSSD is in the OFF state.; Functions: Protective operation: ✔; Automatic calibration of the protective field width: ✔; Beam coding: ✔; Cascading: ✔; Sender with reduced scanning range: ✔; Interfaces: System connection: Depending on system plug (M12 male connector, 5-pin or 8-pin); Extension connection: Depending on system plug (without extension connection or with M12 female connector, 5-pin); Configuration method: DIP switch on system plug; Display elements: LEDs; Fieldbus, industrial networkIntegration via Flexi Soft safety controllerCANopen 1)DeviceNet™EtherCAT®EtherNet/IP™Modbus TCPPROFIBUS DPPROFINET: Fieldbus, industrial network; Electrical data: Protection class: III (IEC 61140); Supply voltage VS: 24 V DC (19.2 V ... 28.8 V); Ripple: ≤ 10 %; Power consumption typical: 2.2 W (DC); Mechanical data: Dimensions: See dimensional drawing; Housing material: Aluminum extruded profile; Ambient data: Enclosure rating: IP65 (IEC 60529)IP67 (IEC 60529); Ambient operating temperature: –30 °C ... +55 °C; Storage temperature: –30 °C ... +70 °C; Air humidity: 15 % ... 95 %, Non-condensing; Vibration resistance: IEC 60068-2-6; Shock resistance: 10 g, 16 ms (IEC 60068-2-27); Other information: Wave length: 850 nm; Type of light: Near-infrared (NIR), invisible; Integrated laser alignment aid✔Laser class1Wave length650 nmType of lightVisible red light: Integrated laser alignment aid; Classifications: ECl@ss 5.0: 27272704; ECl@ss 5.1.4: 27272704; ECl@ss 6.0: 27272704; ECl@ss 6.2: 27272704; ECl@ss 7.0: 27272704; ECl@ss 8.0: 27272704; ECl@ss 8.1: 27272704; ECl@ss 9.0: 27272704; ECl@ss 10.0: 27272704; ECl@ss 11.0: 27272704; ETIM 5.0: EC002549; ETIM 6.0: EC002549; ETIM 7.0: EC002549; UNSPSC 16.0901: 46171620