7SK8061-5EB90-1HE0 L0D SIEMENS7SK80615EB901HE0L0D

Motor protection, enclosure 1/6 19", 4 x I, 3 x V, 3 BI, 5 BO (2 change-over contacts), 1 live contact, 5 temperature sensors, measuring inputs: Iph = 1 A/5 A, Ie= 1 A / 5 A, rated auxiliary power: 60 to 250 V DC,115 V AC, 230 V AC installation enclosure, screw terminals region world, IEC / ANSI, language English (can be changed), front membrane standard, system interface port B (device underside, rear) Modbus, electrical RS485 without system interface Port A, measurement: fault recording, functionality: basic version + function package 'HE'