7SK8012-5EB96-1HD0 L0A SIEMENS7SK80125EB961HD0L0A

Motor protection Enclosure 1/6 19", 4 x I, 3 BI, 5 BO (2 changeover contacts) 1 live contact Measuring inputs: Iph = 1 A / 5 A, Iee (sensitive) = 0.001 to 1.6 A/0.005 to 8 A Rated auxiliary power: 60 V/ 110 V / 125 V/ 220 V DC, 115 V / 230 V AC Installation enclosure Screw terminals Region world, IEC/ANSI English (language can be changed) Front membrane standard System interface port B (device underside, rear) PROFIBUS DP slave, electr. RS 485 Interface, Port A (device underside, front) With Ethernet interface (DIGSI interface, thermobox connection, not IEC61850) RJ45 connector Measurement: fault recording Functionality: XMZ+ Overcurrent time sw. XMZ PH(50/51) I>,I>>,I>>>,Ip Ground fault protection XMZ GROUND (50N/51N: Ie>, Ie>>,Ie>>>, Iep Ground fault/Ground short circuit prot. Iee>.Iee>>,Ieep Overload protection (49) Trip circuit monitoring (74TC) Circuit breaker failure protection (50BF), Load unbalance protection (46) Lock out (86) Start up time monitoring (48) Undercurrent monitoring (37) Reclosing lockout (66/86) Rotor blocking protection (14) Load step protection (51M) Motor statistics Parameter set switchover Monitoring functions