7SJ6211-5EB90-1FE0 L0A SIEMENS7SJ62115EB901FE0L0A

Digital overcurrent time protection Enclosure 1/3 19", 8BE, 8BA, 1 live contact Phase current transformer 1 A Auxiliary voltage: 110 V - 250 V DC, 115 to 230 V AC Threshold binary input 88 V DC Installation housing, screw terminals (direct connection/ring cable lugs) Language English, 50/60 Hz, IEC/ANSI curves, Region world, (language can be changed) System interface Rear of the device port B PROFIBUS DP slave, RS485 WITHOUT DIGSI 4/MODEM-INTERFACE Measurement: Fault recording Functionality: basic version + function packages 'FE' WITHOUT AUTOMA(*)