7SD8061-5EB90-3FA0 L0S SIEMENS7SD80615EB903FA0L0S

Line differential protection Enclosure 1/6 19", 4 x I, 3 x U 7 BI, 8 BQ (2 changeover contacts) 1 live contact Interface FOC for mono (24 km)/multimode fiber (4 km), LC duplex plug Measuring inputs: Iph = 1 A / 5 A, Ie = 1 A / 5 A Rated auxiliary power: 60 V/ 110 V / 125 V/ 220 V/ 250 V DC 115 V / 230 V AC Installation enclosure, screw terminals Region world, IEC/ANSI English (language can be changed) Front membrane standard System interface port B (device underside, front) IEC 61850, 100 Mbit Ethernet, with integrated switch optical, double, LC duplex plug without further communication interface for Port A Measurement: Fault recording Mean value formation, min./max. values Functionality Line differential protection Inrush current detection Time-overcurrent protection phase I>, I>>,I>>>, Ip Time-overcurrent protection ground In>.In>>,In>>>, Inp Thermal overload protection Trip circuit monitoring Circuit breaker failure protection Closing lockout Circuit breaker intertrip External trip initiation Parameter set switchover Monitoring functions Circuit breaker test Control of circuit breaker Flexible protection functions Undervoltage/overvoltage V Underfrequency/overfrequency F Without additional functions