7RW8020-5EB20-1DD0 SIEMENS7RW80205EB201DD0

Voltage and frequency relay housing 1/6 19", 3 x U, 7 BI, 8 BO, (2 changeover contacts), 1 live contact . auxiliary voltage: 60/110/125/220/250 V DC, 115 V AC, 230 V AC installation enclosure, screw terminals region world, IEC/ANSI language English (language can be changed) front membrane standard system interface port B (device bottom side, rear) IEC60870-5-103 or DIGSI4/modem electrical RS485 without system interf., port A measurement: with fault recording and min./max. values of voltages functionality: voltage, frequency, over- excitation protection a. vector jump overvoltage/undervoltage (27/59), residual voltage (64/59N), underfrequency/Overfrequency (81U/O), overexcitation protection (24), vector jump, rotating field direction (47), trip circuit supervision (74TC), lock out (86), parameter set switchover, supervision functions, circuit-breaker control, flexible protection functions (characteristic key values from voltage) frequency change, voltage change protection .