7RW8010-5EB90-1DA0 L0S SIEMENS7RW80105EB901DA0L0S

Voltage and frequency relay Enclosure 1/6 19", 3 x V, 3 BI, 5 BO, (2 change-over contacts), 1 live contact . Auxiliary voltage: 60/110/125/220/250 V DC, 115 V AC, 230 V AC Installation encl., Screw terminals Region world, IEC/ANSI Language English (language can be changed) Front foil standard System interface port B (underside of device, rear) IEC 61850,100MBit Ethernet, optical, double, LC connector without system interface, Port A Measurement: with fault recording and min./max. values of voltages Functionality: Voltage and frequency protection Undervoltage/overvoltage (27/59) Displacement voltage (64/59N), Under/overfrequency (81U/O) Rotary field direction (47) Trip circuit supervision (74TC), Lock out (86), Change setting groups, Monitoring functions, Control of circuit breaker, Flexible protection functions (parameters from voltage), Frequency change / voltage change protection .