7RW8010-5EB00-1DD0 SIEMENS7RW80105EB001DD0

Voltage and frequency relay Enclosure 1/6 19", 3 x V, 3 BI, 5 BO, (2 change-over contacts), 1 live contact . Auxiliary voltage: 60/110/125/220/250 V DC, 115 V AC, 230 V AC Installation encl., Screw terminals Region world, IEC/ANSI Language English (language can be changed) Front foil standard no system interface without system interface, Port A Measurement: with fault recording and min./max. values of voltages Functionality: Voltage protection, Frequency protection, Over- excitation protection and vector shift Overvoltage/Undervoltage (27/59), Displacement voltage (64/59N), Underfrequency/Overfrequency (81U/O), Overexcitation protection (24), Vector shift Rotating field direction (47), Trip circuit supervision (74TC), Lock out (86), Parameter set switchover, Monitoring functions, Control of circuit breaker, Flexible protection functions (Parameters from voltage) Frequency change protection, Voltage change protection .