7ML5881-0AF40-0BD9-Z A00+B00+C01+C62+D07+E01+L01+M01+R2C+Y01 SIEMENS7ML58810AF400BD9ZA00B00C01C62D07E01L01M01R2CY01

SITRANS LG250 Guided radar level transmitter: continuous, contact, 75 m (246 ft) range. Monitors level and interface in liquids. Approval: General Purpose (CSA, FM, CE) Version / Material: Exchangeable rod diameter 12 mm / 316L Process fitting / Material: Flange 3" 150lb RF, ASME B16.5 / 316L Electronics: Two-wire 4...20mA/HART Seal / Second line of defense / Process temperature: FKM (SHS FPM 70C3 GLT) / without / -40 ... 150 °C Housing/Protection/Cable: Aluminium/IP66/IP68 (0.2 bar) 1/2" NPT / blind stopper Lengths: Rod diameter 12 mm/316L: 2 001 ... 3 000 mm (78.78 ... 118.11 inch) Supplementary electronics: without Dimensions centering weight (diameter/height): without Rod mounted: mounted Certificate: 5 point calibration certificate Note: minimum length of 500 mm or greater 3.1 inspection certificate for Material (EN 10204, NACE) *note 316L probes includes NACE MR0175 and MR0103, non 316L probes include MR0175 only and plated flange designs are not available with NACE certificate. Indicating/adjustment module: mounted Language of Display: English Operating instructions: English Total insertion length: Enter the total insertion length in plain text description.