7ML5881-0AD42-0BD9-Z A00+B03+C00+E01+L01+M01+R2F+Y01+Y02 SIEMENS7ML58810AD420BD9ZA00B03C00E01L01M01R2FY01Y02

SITRANS LG250 Guided radar level transmitter: continuous, contact, 75 m (246 ft) range. Monitors level and interface in liquids. Approval: General Purpose (CSA, FM, CE) Version/Material: Exchangeable cable diameter 4 mm with centre weight / 316L Process fitting / Material: Flange 4" 150lb RF, ASME B16.5 / 316L Electronics: Two-wire 4...20mA/HART Seal / Second line of defense / Process temperature: FKM (SHS FPM 70C3 GLT) / without / -40 ... 150 °C Housing/Protection/Cable: Aluminium/IP66/IP68 (0.2 bar) 1/2" NPT / blind stopper Lengths: Cable Lengths diameter 2 mm or diameter 4 mm/316L 1 001 ... 5 000 mm (39.41 ... 196.85 inch) Supplementary electronics: without Dimensions centering weight (diameter/height): diameter 75 mm / 30 mm (for 3" tubes) Rod mounted: Coax Cable/not applicable Indicating/adjustment module: mounted Language of Display: English Operating instructions: English Total insertion length: Enter the total insertion length in plain text description. Y02 rigid part is 100 mm to 1000 mm only applicable for cable versions When Y01 is less than 1300 mm, Y02 must be minimum 300 mm shorter than Y01