7MF8123-1DA74-1AA7-Z N04+Y21 SIEMENS7MF81231DA741AA7ZN04Y21

SITRANS P300 pressure transmitters for gage pressure with front-flush membrane, single-chamber measuring housing rating plate inscription in English 4 ... 20 mA / HART Measuring cell filling: Silicone oil, Measuring cell cleaning: Standard Max. span: 16 bar g (232 psi g) Seal diaphragm stainless steel, measuring cell stainless steel (only for device version with front-flush membrane) Process connection: Flange version with Order Code M.. or N.. Non-wetted parts materials: Stainless steel, deep-drawn and electrolytically polished Standard version Without explosion protection Screwed gland M20 x 1.5 (plastic), only together with HART electronics. With display (setting acc. to specifications, Order Code "Y21" or "Y22" required), lid with glass pane sanitary connection per DIN 11851 with coupling nut DN50 Setting of pressure indication in pressure units, specify in plain text (standard setting: mA): Y21: mbar, bar, kPa, MPa, psi, ... Note: The following pressure units can be selected: bar, mbar, mm H2O*), inH2O*), ftH2O*), mmHG, inHG, psi, Pa, kPa, MPa, g/cm2, kg/cm2, mA, Torr, ATM or % *) ref. temperature 20 C