7MF8023-1EA04-1AB1-Z A02+Y15 SIEMENS7MF80231EA041AB1ZA02Y15

SITRANS P300 pressure transmitters for relative and absolute pressure, single-chamber measuring housing, rating plate inscription in English 4 ... 20 mA/HART Measuring cell filling: Silicone oil, Measuring cell cleaning: Standard Max. span: 63 bar g (914 psi g) Diaphragm stainless steel, measuring cell stainless steel Process connection: connection shank G1/2 B to EN 837-1 Non-wetted parts materials: Stainless steel, deep-drawn and electrolytically polished Standard version Without explosion protection Electric connect./cable entry: Screwed gland M20x1.5 (metal) Without display, with keys, closed lid (Only together with HART electronics.) Mounting bracket made completely of stainless steel A2-70 TAG NAME PLATE, STAINLESS STEEL (MAX. 16 CHARACTERS SPECIFY IN PLAIN TEXT)