7MF0850-5TU00-0AA0-Z C11+D66 SIEMENS7MF08505TU000AA0ZC11D66

Remote seal, miniature type, for gauge and absolute pressure transmitters (pressure series) Please order the required transmitter with a separate position ****************************** Please order he required transmitter with a separate position. System delivery time: Delivery time of the transmitter included in the delivery time of the remote seal. ****************************** ASME B1.20.1 1"-NPT-M, class 5800 without; direct mount straight connenction, for gauge pressure transmitter . Silicon Oil M5 / Standard optimized temperature range: -40 to +140°C stainless steel 316L without coating without Quality inspection certificate (Five-step factory calibration) to IEC~60770-2 Ambient temperature range standard range -10 to +50°C