7MF0810-0ED10-0BA0-Z C11+D66 SIEMENS7MF08100ED100BA0ZC11D66

Remote seal, flange type, for gauge and absolute pressure transmitters (pressure series) Please order the required transmitter with a separate position ****************************** Please order he required transmitter with a separate position. System delivery time: Delivery time of the transmitter included in the delivery time of the remote seal. ****************************** EN1092-1 - Please note: The max. permissible working pressure (MAWP) of the transmitter and diaphragm seal determines the nominal pressure rating (PN). The lowest value (PN) is the max. nominal pressure. DN50, PN10/16/25/40 1m (3.3ft) . Silicon Oil M50 / Standard optimized temperature range: -10 to +200°C stainless steel 316L without coating Without extension Quality inspection certificate (Five-step factory calibration) to IEC~60770-2 Ambient temperature range standard range -10 to +50°C