7ME6820-2YC01-1CA0 SIEMENS7ME68202YC011CA0

SITRANS FM MAG 8000 CT Battery-operated electromagnetic flowmeter, flanged, custody transfer approved. Suitable for volume flow measurement of liquids (conductive) and water applications within abstraction, distribution network, revenue metering and custody transfer metering. . DN50, 2 Inch EN 1092-1, PN 16, Conforms to PED EPDM liner and Hastelloy electrodes, corrosion-resistant coating of category C4 Q3/Q1 = 40 MI-001 verification Region version: Europe Display: m3, m3/h based 50 Hz filter Basic version remote 10m Mounted sensor cables w. plugs No additional communication, Standard IrDA interface Internal batteri supply (battery not included)