7ME6310-5RJ23-5AA3-Z Y17 SIEMENS7ME63105RJ235AA3ZY17

SITRANS FM MAG 3100 Full-bore electromagnetic flow sensor, flanged, diameter DN 15 to DN 2000 (1/2" to 78"). Suitable for volume flow measurement of liquids (conductive), main applications in process industry, chemical industry, steel industry, mining, utility, power generation and distribution, O&G/HPI. . DN400, 16 Inch ANSI B16.5, Class 150 Stainless steel flanges AISI 304/1.4301, corrosion-resistant coating of category C4 PTFE Tantalum Sensor for remote transmitter (Order transmitter separately) No bus communication Metric SS terminal box (mandatory for stanless steel MAG 6000 transmitter) Tag name plate, stainless steel wire fixed (add plain text)