7ME3745-2LD10-1BB3-Z K21 SIEMENS7ME37452LD101BB3ZK21

The SITRANS FS290 is a portable ultrasonic flow measurement system for easy checking of volumetric flow in pipes. It includes the battery-powered SITRANS FST090 transmitter and the SITRANS FSS220 clamp-on sensors. The sensors are installed quickly and easily from the outside on a pipe - without process interruption or system downtime. Transmitter FST090 Complete Pipe Range Check Meter Kit – Standard Performance. For any pipe material with diameters from 8 – 6100mm (0.375 – 240”) and any homogeneous liquid. Includes full range of Universal Sensors A2, B3, C3, D3, E2, with tracks, Magnet Frames, straps, and spacer bar Charger Type D for U.K. (BS1363) One battery pack rechargeable without connection cable for I/O signals and Modbus Default value 1 Default value B Default value B Power Adaptor Type D for U.K. (BS1363) Sensor cable PVC with quick connector (BNC), 6 m (20 ft)