7ME3723-1ED11-1UA3-Z A01+B11+E02+F00 SIEMENS7ME37231ED111UA3ZA01B11E02F00

SITRANS FS230 Clamp-On Ultrasonic flowmeter, for 1 to 4 path usage. Suitable for standard industrial applications, hydrocarbon applications or for gas process values. Transmitter FST030 Sensor FSS200 for gas/liquid on steel /stainless steel pipes, optimized for average medium temperature below 80°C (176°F), specification range: -40°C to +121°C (-40°F to 250°F) Outer pipe diameter >50.8 - 76 mm (2.0 - 3.0 in) Pipe wall thickness >1.5 - 2.0 mm (0.06 - 0.08 in) Mounting straps slotted (stainless steel), includes spacer-bar (Aluminum) without mounting frames/tracks Single Path (one sensor pair) Sensor: 7ME39505LJ01 (FSS200, HP-A3HC, Liquid) Standard Environment Transmitter wall mounted enclosure with internal DSL modul, aluminum - epoxy coated, NEMA 4X, IP66/67, internal 24 - 230 V DC/AC power, for 1 and 2 path measurement, 9 cable entries with M20x1.5 thread No EX-approval Graphical display, 240x160 pixels, highlighted, sensor keys operable through window Cable glands: no, with dust covers For Standard Industry Applications (Liquids, e.g. Water) Channel 1: HART, 4-20mA, active/passive, non Ex Channel 2-4: no optional inputs and outputs