7ME3480-3AA00-2BN0 SIEMENS7ME34803AA002BN0

SITRANS FUE950 Custody transfer approved energy calculator, for use with flow meters of type FUS380, FUE380, MAG 8000, FS220 and MAG 5000/6000 transmitter. Suitable for thermal energy measurement of liquids for applications in district heating and chiller plants. - Pulse value 10 L/Pulse, max. flow rate 3600 m3/h (with option L05: 10 gal/p., max. flow rate 60000 GPM). For heating applications, Flowmeter placed at low temperture (MID conform). Without sensor, Set-up: PT500 No thermowells included. Power supply Mains powered with 230 VAC module (incl. back-up battery). Module 1 M-Bus. Gcal, kW, m3, m3/h - 1 digit resolution. Calculator without EU type approval. For operational measurements in heat or cold applications.