6RA7096-4GV62-0-Z G95+K00+K01+K11+S00 SIEMENS6RA70964GV620ZG95K00K01K11S00

SIMOREG DC Master Converter, with microprocessor for 4-quadrant drives Circuit (B6) A (B6) C Input: 575 V 3 AC, 1824A controllable: Field rectifier D600/2200 MREQ-GEGF4V62 Output: 600 V DC, 2200 A Output US-Rating: 600 V DC, 1678A Field-input. 460V-output. 375V, 85A G95=Communication module PROFIBUS CBP2 inserted at Slot E K00=Optional module terminal extension K01=Adapter module for Slot D and E K11=Local BusAdapter for electronics box LBA S00=Technological software in basic unit