3WL1232-4EB48-4GA4-Z C22+K07 SIEMENS3WL12324EB484GA4ZC22K07

Withdrawable circuit breaker with guide frame 4-pole, size II, IEC In=3200A to 690V, AC50/60Hz Icu=100kA at 500V w. connection flange Overcurrent release ETU 45 LSIN protection adjustable 0.4-1 in with cubicle bus Opt.: Comm. /measuring func./ground fault/ ZSS Motorized/manual operating mechanism with spring charging motor AC 50/60 Hz 208-240 V or 220-250 V DC Activation AC 50/60 Hz 230 V, 220 V DC With 1st auxiliary release Shunt release "F", F1 50/60 Hz 230 V AC/220 V DC, 100% on-load factor without 2nd auxiliary release 4NO+4NC C22= Ready-to-close signaling K07= Tripped signaling contact, 1 CO not possible with option F02