2CSR275480R1324 ABBDS201 M C32 APR30

The DS201 series is a 1P+N RCBO in two-modules width for the protection of end user single-phase circuits against overload and short-circuit currents; protection against the effects of sinusoidal alternating and direct pulsating earth fault currents; protection against indirect contacts and additional protection against direct contacts (with sensitivity = 30 mA). The APR type provides an optimal trade-off between safety and continuity of service, thanks to the resistance to unwanted trippings, offering good protection and isolation of resistive and inductive loads.

Catalog Description
DS201 M C32 APR30 - RCBO
0.200 kg
Customs Tariff Number
(WxHxD/L) 0.035 m x 0.085 m x 0.069 m