2CPX037827R9999 ABBED320T4

Interior fitting system, Combi-Sets, mounted on EDF-Profile, for Main circuit breaker Tmax not connected, Grid unit 3 GU = 450 mm, panel width 1 = 250 mm, 36 Space units, mounting plates of sheet steel mm, Stepless adjustable via mounting bracket, unequipped for the installation of MCCB T4 / XT4, covers out of Plastic, 90 degree press and turn closure, RAL 7035, usuable as of the cabinet depth of 200 mm, combination sets are plugged into the distributor panel at the top or bottom, and mounted on the other side of the cabinet. The EDF profiles and field connectors are included in the scope of delivery.

Catalog description
ED320T4 Combination sets MCCB T4
Customs tariff number
3.5 kg
(WxHxD/L) 250 mm x 450 mm x 200 mm