2CKA006320A0068 ABB6321/58-83-500

With integrated KNX bus coupler. With labelling field. Rocker switch left/right (switching/dimming/blind/value sender/light scenes/fan function). Master/slave configuration. With base-load operation. Control element with room thermostat function for triggering the heating, ventilation and fan-coil actuators. The controller is a constant room temperature controller for ventilator convectors (fan coils) in 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems and conventional heating or cooling systems. The fan stage can be switched manually or in automatic mode. Class of temperature controller 1 Contribution to space heating energy efficiency 1,0%.

Catalog description
6321/58-83-500 Control element, 5/10gang, with IR interface and RTC Busch-triton®
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0.125 kg