2CKA006300A1583 ABBTR/U.2.1-CG

Ordering possible only in connection with the design ID. The icons and/or texts are configured by means of a web configuration tool. Support of KNX functions through innovative colour concept (yellow=lighting, blue=blind, orange=RTC, magenta=scene and white=neutral/no function assigned) or standard illumination red/green. With integrated proximity function. Control element with room thermostat function for controlling TSA/K 230.1, TSA/K 24.1 in connection with KNX-Heating actuator, commercially available valve drives or analogue valve drives (continuous controllers). The controller is a constant room temperature controller for ventilator convectors (fan coils) in 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems and conventional heating or cooling systems. The fan stage can be switched manually or in automatic mode. Class of temperature controller 1 Contribution to space heating energy efficiency 1,0%. With integrated KNX bus coupler. Number of bus subscribers

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TR/U.2.1-CG Touch room temperature controller Standard customization
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