2CKA006200A0087 ABBMSA-F-1.1.1-92-WL

With select lens for detection with animal access. For automatic switching of ABB-free@home® actuators dependent on movement and brightness. Switch-off delay of the actuator can be programmed via the web interface of the System Access Point. For switching 127 V~/230 V~ consumers. With integrated switch actuator. Switching function is available also without prior programming (pre-configured). Configuration can be changed later via the web interface (groups, scenes, etc.). The bus can be connected via enclosed terminal block. When installing in the flush-mounted box, a spatial division between the bus cable and 127 V/230 V installation cable is to be adhered to! If this minimum distance is not possible, use electronic boxes or insulating tubes.

Catalog Description
MSA-F-1.1.1-92-WL Movement detector/switch actuator, 1gang for ABB-free@home®
Customs Tariff Number
0.2 kg
(WxHxD/L) 0.071 m x 0.071 m x 0.053 m