2CKA006134A0255 ABB6124/01-884

With labelling field. For ABB i-bus® KNX bus coupler 6120/12-101, 6120/13. Support of KNX functions through innovative colour concept (yellow=lighting, blue=blind, orange=RTC, magenta=scene and white=neutral/no function assigned) or standard illumination red/green. Control element with room thermostat function for controlling TSA/K 230.1, TSA/K 24.1 in connection with KNX-Heating actuator, commercially available valve drives or analogue valve drives (continuous controllers). The controller is a constant room temperature controller for ventilator convectors (fan coils) in 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems and conventional heating or cooling systems. The fan stage can be switched manually or in automatic mode. Transparent labelling sheet with standard symbols included in delivery. Incl. 10 logic channels (light scene actuator, sequence actuator, logic gates, etc.). Class of temperature controller 1 Contribution to space heating energy efficiency 1,0%.

Catalog Description
6124/01-884 Room thermostat heating/cooling operation/ colour concept
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0.046 kg