2CCS863002R0801 ABBS803S-D80-R

The S803S-D80-R is a 3-pole High Performance Circuit breaker with D-Characteristic, with ring tongue terminal and a rated current of 80 A. It is a current limiting device with a maximum breaking capacity of 50kA at 240/415V. It can be used for voltages up to 400/690V and in DC as well. It has two different tripping mechanisms, the thermal tripping mechanism for overload protection and the electromechanic tripping mechanism for short circuit protection. The S803S-D80-R complies with IEC/EN 60947-2 and allows the use for industrial applications. It has numerous of approvals, therefore it can be used worldwide. The extensive range of accessory makes the use of S803S-D80-R more comfortable. Due to the fast arc extinction of S803S-D80-R your application will be secured.

Catalog description
S803S-D80-R High Performance MCB
Customs tariff number
735 g
(WxHxD/L) 81 mm x 142 mm x 82.5 mm