1SFL637001R6911 ABBAF750-30-11-69

The AF750-30-11-69 is a 3 pole - 1000 V IEC or 600 V UL contactor with pre-mounted auxiliary contacts and Main Circuit Bars, controlling motors up to 400 kW / 400 V AC (AC-3) or 600 hp / 480 V UL and switching power circuits up to 1050 A (AC-1) or 900 A UL general use. Thanks to the AF technology, the contactor has a wide control voltage range (48-130 V 50/60 Hz and DC), managing large control voltage variations, reducing panel energy consumptions and ensuring distinct operations in unstable networks. Furthermore, surge protection is built-in, offering a compact solution. AF contactors have a block type design, can be easily extended with add-on auxiliary contact blocks and an additional wide range of accessories.

Catalog description
AF750-30-11 48-130V 50/60Hz / 48-130V DC Contactor
Customs tariff number
13.6 kg
(WxHxD/L) 210 mm x 283 mm x 242 mm