1SCA158307R1001 ABBOTDC630FV22

A fully optimized four-pole DC switch-disconnector for 1500V utility-scale photovoltaic power plants covering 315-630A current range. The new design offers both a size reduction and an increase in efficiency and performance to help manufacturers adapt to the industry’s rapid adoption of 1500V DC solutions.The four-pole 1500V DC concept helps manufacturers improve system efficiency, reducing switch losses. The compact size of the new OTDC range makes it possible for manufacturers to reduce the size of combiner boxes and inverters.Main characteristics of this particular OTDC type

Catalog description
OTDC630FV22 DC Switch-disconnector
Customs tariff number
7.7 kg / 16.9 lb
(WxHxD/L) 255.5 mm10.1 in x 211 mm8.3 in x 135 mm5.3 in