1SCA142611R1001 ABBOKA315P3B

The dye casted aluminum alloy (silumin) enclosure is extremely rigid, and well suited for harsh environment. The surface is polyester coated and well protected from corrosion. Installation is made easy, thanks to the key hole type wall fastening, screwed cover and the included rubber type cable glands. The enclosure is arc proof. The cover is interlocked, and the interlocking can be defeated if needed. There are two or four cable entries, and one cable entry for the control cable. The unit is also EMC approved, and no additional EMC cable glands are needed. Earthing of the cable shield is done via the pullstopper. Neutral and PE terminals are included.

Catalog Description
OKA315P3B EMC Encl. Switch Disconnector
Customs Tariff Number
27 kg
(WxHxD/L) 485 mm x 730 mm x 215 mm