1SCA103281R1001 ABBOT1250EUUR3TZ

The enclosed switch is using a galvanised steel enclosure, with polyester coating. It is suitable for outdoor use with respect to UV light and ingress protection. The enclosure have inbuilt gas pressure relief function to protect the user in case of an internal arc. The door is earthed via the hinges. The enclosure is prepared for single and parallell cables. Cable entry types can be blank , ring-flange or C-flange type (FL21), with different cable configuration, like top/bottom or bottom/bottom. The handle is padlockable for 3 padlocks, cover is interlocked, and interlock function can be bypassed for thermographing.

Catalog Description
OT1250EUUR3TZ EMC safety switch
Customs Tariff Number
67.97 kg
(WxHxD/L) 800 mm x 1200 mm x 330 mm