1PH8286-1HC13-2AW2-Z G10+G14+K84 SIEMENS1PH82861HC132AW2ZG10G14K84

SIMOTICS M Compact asynchronous motor 700 rpm, 138 kW, 1883 Nm, 295 A, 325 V 800 rpm, 155 kW, 1850 Nm, 285 A, 385 V 1000 rpm, 185 kW, 1767 Nm, 280 A, 460 V Forced ventilation Degree of protection IP55 Incremental encoder HTL 1024 S/R (encoder HTL1024S/R) with temperature sensor Pt1000 Design IM B35 with flange A660 (IM V35) SHAFT WITH FITTED KEY HALF-KEY BALANCING BEARING: STANDARD VIBRATION SEVERITY GRADE A; SHAFT A.FLANGE ACCURACY GR.N TERMINAL BOX ABOVE CABLE ENTRY ON THE RIGHT SIGNAL CONNECTION D-END G10: External fan DE top Air intake NDE G14: FAN SET WITH AIR FILTER AVEC FILTRE A AIR K84: TURNING OF THE TERMINAL BOX BY -90 DEGREES