1PH8228-1JF13-2BA1-Z K10 SIEMENS1PH82281JF132BA1ZK10

SIMOTICS M Compact induction motor 1500rpm, 160 kW 1019Nm, 340A, 340V 1750rpm, 179kW 977Nm, 330 A, 395V 2000rpm, 196kW 936Nm, 325A, 450 V forced ventilation Direction of air flow NDE-->DE Degree of protection IP55 Incremental encoder HTL 2048 S/R (encoder HTL2048S/R) With temperature sensor KTY 84-130 DESIGN IM B35 WITH FLANGE A550 (IM V35) SHAFT WITH FITTED KEY HALF-KEY BALANCING BEARING: STANDARD VIBRATION SEVERITY GRADE R/A; SHAFT A.FLANGE ACCURACY GR. R TERMINAL BOX (ABOVE) CABLE ENTRY ON THE RIGHT SIGNAL CONNECTION D-END K10: TERMINAL BOX NON DRIVE-END CABLE ROUTING DRIVE END SIGNAL CONNECTION TOP