1PH8186-3FF10-2AA1-Z L27+L76+U63 SIEMENS1PH81863FF102AA1ZL27L76U63

SIMOTICS M Compact induction motor 1500rpm, 74kW, 471Nm, 166A, 330V 1750rpm, 85kW, 464Nm, 164A, 385 V 2000rpm, 94kW, 449Nm, 160 A, 445V forced ventilation Direction of air flow NDE-->DE Degree of protection IP55 Absolute encoder 22-bit Single-turn and 12-bit multi-turn (encoder AM22DQ) with DRIVE-CLiQ interface TERMINAL BOX (ABOVE) CABLE ENTRY ON THE RIGHT SIGNAL CONNECTION D-END L27: INSULATED VERSION NON-DRIVE END BEARING L76: EC fan 400 V 3 AC 50/60 Hz U63: HOLDING BRAKE 230 V WITH MICROSWITCH AND MANUAL AIR LEVER