1PH8186-1DB30-2EC1 SIEMENS1PH81861DB302EC1

SIMOTICS M Compact induction motor 400rpm, 31.5kW 752Nm, 88A, 290V 500 rpm, 40 kW 764Nm, 88A, 355V 600 rpm, 48kW 764Nm, 88A, 430V Open-circuit ventilation Direction of air flow DE-->NDE Degree of protection IP23 Incremental encoder 22-bit with commutation position (encoder IC22DQ) with DRIVE-CLiQ interface DESIGN IM B3 (IMB6, IMB7, IMB8, IMV6) SHAFT WITH FITTED KEY HALF-KEY BALANCING BEARING: GREATER CANTILEVER FORCES; VIBRATION SEVERITY GRADE A; SHAFT AND FLANGE ACCURACY GR. N TERMINAL BOX (ABOVE) CABLE ENTRY ON THE ND-END SIGNAL CONNECTION RIGHT