1FT7105-5SF71-1MB0-Z X01 SIEMENS1FT71055SF711MB0ZX01

SIMOTICS S Synchronous motor 1FT7, M0=65Nm (100K) NN=3000rpm, PN=15.10kW Forced ventilation Frame size IMB 5 (IM V1, IM V3) Conventional flange (1FT6/1FK7 compatible), with KTY temperature sensor POWER CONNECTOR OUTGOING CONNECTOR DIRECTIONTRAVERSE RIGHT ABSOLUTE ENCODER ENDAT 2048 S/R (ENCODER A-2048) CONNECTOR ROTATABLE SHAFT WITH FITTED KEY; WITH HOLDING BRAKE; ACC. TOLERANCE N VIBRATION SEVERITY GRADE A, DEGREE OF PROTECTION IP 64 X01: Paint finish matt black RAL9005