1FK7063-5AF71-1AU5-Z B47+G23+H23 SIEMENS1FK70635AF711AU5ZB47G23H23

SIMOTICS S Synchronous servo geared motor 1FK7 Compact, 2.30kW Naturally cooled power/signal connectors Connector can be rotated by 270° Motor without holding brake Direct gearbox mounting INCREMENT. ENCODER SIN/COS 1VPP RADIAL SHAFT SEAL, DEGREE OF PROTECTION IP65, PAINT FINISH RAL 7016 BEVEL GEARING, P2=2.22 KW, N2=65 RPM, M2=328 NM, I=46 TAPPED HOLE CIRCLE, HOLLOW SHAFT WITH FEATHERKEY WAY (PLUG-IN GEAR SIDE 4) DESIGN IM B7, EL2, CONNECTOR POSITION GEAR SIDE 1