1FK7032-5AK71-1LU5-Z E18+G35+H62 SIEMENS1FK70325AK711LU5ZE18G35H62

SIMOTICS S Synchronous servo geared motor 1FK7 Compact, 0.50kW Naturally cooled Power/signal connectors Connector can be rotated by 270° Motor without holding brake Direct gearbox mounting Absolute encoder 20BIT +12-bit multi-turn with Drive-CLiQ interface (encoder AM20DQ) Derating 10% due to absolute encoder RADIAL SHAFT SEAL, DEGREE OF PROTECTION IP65, PAINT FINISH RAL 7016 WORM GEAR, P2=0.25 KW, N2=43 RPM, M2=54.8 NM, I=70 FLANGE (ROUND), SOLID SHAFT WITH FEATHERKEY (GEAR SIDE 3) DESIGN IM V3, V6, V19, EL6, CONNECTOR POSITION GEAR SIDE 4