1FG1103-1RF32-2FA1-Z D02+G23+H04+K07+N23 SIEMENS1FG11031RF322FA1ZD02G23H04K07N23

SIMOTICS S-1FG1 Synchronous servo geared motor Helical gear unit Z39 Motor type CT 600V AH80 Mmax=50 Solid shaft with keyway V25x 50 ABSOLUTE ENCODER 20 BIT + 12 BIT MULTITURN WITH DRIVE-CLIQ INTERFACE FLANGE B5 Transfer ratio: 3.43 N1max=4500 rpm N2max=1312 rpm, M2max=112 Nm MOUNTING POSITION M2 LONG-LIFE SEALING FLANGE DIAMETER 160 OIL CLP PG VG220 STANDARD HOLDING BRAKE