3WL1012-1AC32-4AA0 SIEMENS3WL10121AC324AA0

Withdrawable circuit breakers with guide frame and PSS 3-pole, frame size 0, IEC In=1250A to 690V, 50/60Hz AC Icu=42kA at 415V Icu=42kA at 500V ETU350 electronic trip units LSI rotary coding switch with tripped signaling switch, RTC and 4Aux auxiliary switches protection adjustable l: Ir 0.4-1 In s: isd 1-10 In; I:ii 1-15 In w. var. n conductor protection rear horizontal connection no communication link, no metering funct. Motorized operating mechanism 220...250 V AC/DC incl. S21 spring energy store switch for charge status indication With mechanical closing Without 2nd auxiliary release Without 1st auxiliary release; ;