1LE1643-3AB09-0AK4-Z D33+F70+G04+L51+M1Y+N30+R62+Y50+Y81+Y82 SIEMENS1LE16433AB090AK4ZD33F70G04L51M1YN30R62Y50Y81Y82

SIMOTICS SD MOTOR TYPE: 1CV3310B Low-voltage motor, IEC Squirrel-cage rotor, self-ventilated, IP55 Temperature class 155(F) according to 130(B) cast iron frame Performance line Premium Efficiency IE3, 4-pole * Size 315S, *110kW (50Hz/60Hz) 127kW (60 Hz) Non-standard winding 3 AC..Hz,...V,...kW IM B 3, 1 Pt1000 resistance thermometer (2 terminals) Terminal box at top D33=Certified for Korea KEMCO energy efficiency (KS C IEC 60034) F70=Mounting of external fan G04=Mounting of rotary pulse encoder LL 861 900 220, 1024 I (LEINE & LINDE) 1024 pulses per revolution mounting costs with device L51=Bearing insulation NDE NDE N30=Increased humidity/temp. with 30 to 60 gram water per m3 air R62=Auxiliary terminal box cast iron (small) Y50=Temperature class 155 (F), utilized according to 130(W), with higher coolant temperature and/or installation altitude spec. CT...°C or AH...m above mean sea level Y81=External fan with non-standard voltage and/or frequency ...V,...HZ Y82=Extra rating plate with customer data (no modified motor operating data permissible); ;