6SL3710-1GE37-5AA3-Z D02+D14+G60+K74+L13+L26+L45+L57+M21+M70+M90+Q81 SIEMENS6SL37101GE375AA3ZD02D14G60K74L13L26L45L57M21M70M90Q81

SINAMICS G150 Converter cabinet unit, AC/AC with CIM+CU320-2 380-480V 3AC, 50/60 Hz Type rating: 400kW 6-pulse supply without power recovery Version A, incl. EMC filter 2nd environment, Category C3 D02=Customer documentation (circuit, terminal, layout diagram) in DXF format D14=Advance creation of the customer documentation G60=Terminal Module TM31 (1 TM31) K74=Auxiliary power supply 230 V AC L13=Line contactor (for I

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