7NG3136-0AC12-Z C11+U25+Y01+Y17+Y23+Y24 SIEMENS7NG31360AC12ZC11U25Y01Y17Y23Y24

SITRANS TF temperature trans- mitter in housing for field mounting, two-wire system 4 to 20mA, with electrical isolation, with documentation on DVD, integrated transmitter: SITRANS TH300, Communication capability according to HART V5.9; Without explosion protection Enclosure: Die-cast aluminium Connection/cable inlets: screw glands 1/2 - 14 NPT; With digital indicator Mounting bracket and securing parts made of stainless steel Test protocol (5 measuring points) Thermocouple type K Default: Cold junction compensation: internal Measuring range for device setting in plain text. Please select Y22 to print it on TAG plate. Long tag for device setting in plain text (max. 8 characters) Please select Y23 to print it on TAG plate. Measuring point description on TAG plate (max. 16 characters) Measuring point message on TAG plate (max. 32 characters)