7MF4433-1FA22-1AB7-Z B11+C11+C12+C14+D37+Y02+Y15+Y22 SIEMENS7MF44331FA221AB7ZB11C11C12C14D37Y02Y15Y22

SITRANS P DS III / P410, HART, 4-20 mA transmitter for differential pressure and flow PN 32/160 gas 1/liquids 1 art. 3.3 sep Measuring cell filling silicone normal cleaning Span: PN 160 (MWP 2320 psi): 16 to 1600 mbar (6.424 to 642.4 inH2O), max. static pressure 160 bar Diaphragm stainless steel parts of measuring cell stainless steel Process connection: 1/4-18 npt mounting thread: 7/16-20 unf Die-cast aluminium housing, process flange bolts stainless steel Standard design . None explosion protection Electric connection and cable inlet: cable gland M20 x1.5 Housing cover with window customized adjustment supplement Y21 required Plate inscription english Test certificate according to standard IEC 60770-2 Inspection certificate EN 10204-3.1: certificate pressurised parts Factory certificate to DIN 50 049-2.2 / EN 10 204-2.2 Supplied with oval flange PTFE-gasket and screws acc. threat in process covers. Range (square root characteristic) specify in plain text: Y02:... to ...mBar,kpa,mpa,... Stainless steel tag plate (measuring point description) Max.16 character, specify in plain text: Setting of digital indicator in non-pressure units specify in plain text Y22: .... to .... l/m3, m3/h, m (measuring range in pressure units (Y01) mandatory)