6SL3710-1GH35-8AA3-Z D56+D94+G51+K95+L01+L07+L13+L26+L45+M54+M70+M90+T85 SIEMENS6SL37101GH358AA3ZD56D94G51K95L01L07L13L26L45M54M70M90T85

SINAMICS G150 Converter cabinet unit, AC/AC with CIM+CU320-2 660-690V 3AC, 50/60 Hz Type rating: 560kW 6-pulse supply without power recovery Version A, incl. EMC filter 2nd environment, Category C3 D56=Documentation in Russian D94=Documentation in English/Russian G51=Terminal Module TM150 (1 TM150) K95=Control Unit CU320-2 PROFINET L01=SINAMICS G150 Clean Power with integrated line harmonics filter compact L07=DU/DT Filter Compact with voltage peak limiter voltage peak limiter L13=Line contactor (for I