6SL3200-0AE61-0AA0 SIEMENS6SL32000AE610AA0

SINAMICS S210 &1FK2 starter kit incl. Extended Safety license S210: 6SL3210-5HB10-4UF0 Input voltage: 200-240 V 1AC 0.4 kW, SD card with Ex. Safety IP20, 55 x 170 x 170 (WxHxD) SIMOTICS S, 1FK2103-4AG00-1MA0 HD, IP64, M0=1.27 Nm, PN=0.4 KW at NN=3000 rpm, AH30 without brake, with feather key With multiturn absolute encoder Single cable solution, can be assembled MC 500 6FX5002-8QN04-1AD0 4G0.38+2x0.38+4x0.2 C, M12 Cores with end sleeve IX connector, length 3m The delivery quantity is limited to 3 per customer.